Penval secures major third sector contract in Herefordshire

Penval Project Support Services is pleased to announce that it has secured the contract to project manage the delivery of a streamlined third sector support service in Herefordshire.

The work is to a very tight schedule with completion of the first phase due by end of September 2011.  This will establish the detailed framework for the common ‘front door’ for delivery of all third sector support  and it will include the transfer of some support services currently delivered by Hereford Public Services .  Working closely with the six Local Support and Development Organisations (LSDO’s) in the county and Hereford Council, Penval will provide a structured project management framework to ensure delivery of a quality product on time and to spec.

Director of Penval, Paul Nash said “Penval won this project because it is able to provide the sector and local authority partners with the two key skill sets required. One is the Prince 2 practitioner experience which is crucial to a well managed project delivery, and the other is the  significant experience of voluntary sector engagement, communication and relationship building which will ensure that there is a high level of buy in to the final product from the sector.”

Penval has developed a portfolio of experience and skills from work across the private, public and voluntary sector which mesh well in enabling and supporting the delivery of purpose built services that meet the need of the Civil Society and Big Society agendas.

A copy of the press release can be downloaded here: Press Release April 2011 Hereford


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